'Peloton Wife' to guest star in soap opera 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

'Peloton Wife' to guest star in soap opera 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

The actress who starred as the controversial 'Peloton Wife' has landed a guest role in television soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Now, on the off chance that you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the heavily-criticized commercial, let me explain...

In it, a man gifts his already slim wife a Peloton exercise bike. She then documents her fitness journey - looking absolutely terrified throughout - with the bike, before thanking him for it changing her life a year later through a vlog.

To see the Peloton wife commercial for yourself: 

The ad, starring Monica Ruiz as the wife, went viral, with many people accusing the sporting company of sexism. However, the infamy has now worked in her favor, starting with a hilarious follow-up ad for Ryan Reynold's Aviation Gin.

Ruiz' role on The Bold and the Beautiful was confirmed by Yahoo Entertainment, who revealed that she'd appear on two episodes of the show which are set to air on January 29 and 30. A representative for the show said that the nature of her role was "top secret".

This isn't that the first time that the soap opera has booked a viral star. Kelleth Cuthbert was also cast in the show after she went viral earlier this year as the Fiji Water Girl, distributing water for the brand on the red carpet of the Golden Globes.

In the video below, Monica Ruiz reacts to her viral fame:

Last Thursday, Ruiz was interviewed on the Today show, admitting that it was her fault people perceived her reaction to the exercise bike as miserable, describing her eyebrows as furrowing into a "worried" look and having a "scared" expression on her face.

And while the ad has thrust her into the spotlight, she hopes that she won't be forever known as the "the Peloton lady" and "work other [acting] jobs".

Ruiz's other acting credits include Baby Daddy and About a Boy.