Shaq buys 10 pairs of shoes for teen with big feet whose mom can't afford them

Shaq buys 10 pairs of shoes for teen with big feet whose mom can't afford them

Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal has helped a struggling teen with large feet buy a whopping 10 pairs of sneakers after finding out his mom is too poor to afford them herself.

Zach Keith is a basketball player who hails from Georgia. Although the boy is only 13 years old, he's gone through an incredible growth spurt recently, and currently wears a size 18 shoe. As a result of his large feet, his mom has to buy extra-large sneakers - but they come with a hefty price tag attached.

Luckily for the teen, however, Shaq heard of the teen's plight and decided to help.

Check out this footage of Shaq talking about buying the sneakers below:

Shaq surprised Zach at Friedman's Shoes, a specialised shoe outlet in Atlanta and a favourite spot for athletes with large feet. Shaq kindly purchased a total of 10 pairs of size 18 shoes in various styles.

Brittany Keith, the mother of the young teen, stated:

"This will help a lot. I won't so much have to worry about buying him dress shoes. He hasn't had a pair of dress shoes in about four or five years because it's been hard trying to find the ones that actually fit ... For me, it was just very touching, very heartfelt, to know there is someone out there that has his back."

Meanwhile, Shaq himself stated that Zach's situation reminded him of his own growing up, claiming:

"Mom couldn't afford shoes. The kid had big feet. I just kind of reminisced about how that used to be me, my mom and my dad ... I thought this was a good thing to do. Kid plays basketball, and Bruce did it for me, and I just want to return the favour."

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