Simone Biles shames USA Gymnastics after careless birthday tweet

Simone Biles shames USA Gymnastics after careless birthday tweet

Simone Biles has shamed USA Gymnastics after receiving a careless birthday tweet from their Twitter account.

The Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast, who turned 23 on Saturday, was celebrated by USA Gymnastics, the sport's governing body in the US, with a tweet, praising her for her accomplishments.

However, the body failed to tag her actual account and instead accidentally tagged a fan-made one.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most decorated gymnast of all time, @simonebiles! We know you will only continue to amaze us and make history!" USAG tweeted.

But the message did not go unnoticed by the 23-year-old, who used her response to shame USA Gymnastics for their failure to provide satisfactory answers in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.

Biles tweeted: "how about you amaze me and do the right thing... have an independent investigation."

Per CNN, Biles is one of many gymnasts who have hit out at the body for its proposed $215 million settlement for survivors of Nassar's alleged sexual abuse.

This father of one of Larry Nassar's alleged victims lunged at him in court: 

Previously a number of other sporting stars including Biles have accused the former sports physician for the USAG national team and Michigan State University of abuse.

In total, 150 women spoke out against Nassar, and per CNN, he is now serving a life sentence on charges of child pornography and sexual misconduct in both federal and state courtrooms.

Simone Biles holding a gold medal. Credit: PA Images

Biles has spent months campaigning for an independent investigation into Nassar's alleged sexual abuse, and last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that the investigation into Nassar by USA Gymnastics was withheld from Biles even though she was one of the first women to accuse the physician of abuse.

As per a congressional report in 2019, a number of institutions including the e FBI, the US Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, and Michigan State University were aware of the alleged abuse, but they failed to do anything about it.

It read that these organizations "sat on evidence of his sexual misconduct for over a year - allowing for the additional sexual abuse of dozens of other girls."