Someone's mom met Zendaya and mistook her for someone totally different in hilarious video

Someone's mom met Zendaya and mistook her for someone totally different in hilarious video

Chance celebrity encounters are always exciting for us Average Joes - a reminder that the rich and famous do walk among us. However, sometimes the celebs we think we are meeting turn out to be nobodies, or another celeb entirely.

Case in point, this mom who met Zendaya and mistook her for someone else entirely, resulting in one of the most hilariously awkward but heartwarming videos to ever grace Twitter.

"Bruh my mom saw Zendaya in Oakland and... bruh. I'm weak," the woman's son wrote on Twitter.

To see it for yourself, check out the video below: 

"My son ain't gonna believe this," the mom says at the start of the video as the singer and actress waves hello in the background.  "Say 'hi Jordan!' Guess who it is? Your girl from the show '13 Reasons!'"

It's at this point that Zendaya politely corrects her and she realizes she's made a viral blunder.

Zendaya smiling. Credit: PA Images

To call the mom's reaction to the truth priceless would be an understatement!

A screenshot from a Twitter video. Credit: Twitter / @HoodieJello0_

Thankfully, Zendaya found the whole thing hilarious too.

At the time of writing, the video has racked up an incredible 600K likes and over 100K retweets. So if you ever happen to mistake a celeb for someone else, you might want to try and get it on camera. It's viral gold.

Zenya laughing. Credit: Twitter / @HoodieJello0_

One amused Twitter user wrote: "She said 'I am not on that show' with such confidence and I don't blame her."

Another remarked: "sis said cut the cameras deada*s."

Whereas a third simply commented: "gotta love moms."

This is not the first time Zendaya has been the subject of a viral Twitter moment. Last year, the star bizarrely found herself the focus of unwanted media attention after she posted a flawless bikini snap last summer but was subject to merciless trolling over her feet.