Angry dad uses his own son as a weapon against rival baseball fan

Angry dad uses his own son as a weapon against rival baseball fan

Sports rivalries can bring out the worst in people. When you're desperate for your team to win, you'll do and say anything. For one man, that includes using his own young child as a weapon.

At a game on Tuesday, a disgruntled fan took his anger a little too far. During a Nippon Professional Baseball game in Japan, a rivalry between Hanshin Tigers and Yokohama DeNA BayStars fans went downhill quickly.

Here's the astonishing footage:

When a die-hard Hanshin Tigers fan was upset by the 4-0 score (with his team losing, of course), he became angry. It's unclear what happened to cause his ejection from the stadium, but as he is escorted from his seat, he uses his child, who he carries in his arms, to hit a man in a Yokohama jersey. Grabbing the kid's legs, he throws the boy toward the disagreer.

The boy's body bends backward as he's used to attack the rival fan. Though he almost slips through his father's hands, the dad and surrounding security catch him before his head hits the ground. Luckily, the boy seems to be in one piece as security diverts the situation. The father continues carrying the boy out of the stadium the same way he did before his fit of rage.

Credit: Reddit

The child's face is blurred in the video, so we can't see his reaction. But I'm guessing it's a mix between absolutely shocked and terribly upset. It is unknown how the altercation ended after the father was escorted out of the stadium, but several social media posts claim that he was later picked up by police, the Metro reports.

This video encourages avid sports fan to not pass the boundaries of friendly banter with their rivals. And if you do, make sure your kids are out of the way before you take it outside.