Colin Kaepernick spent his 32nd birthday feeding the homeless

Colin Kaepernick spent his 32nd birthday feeding the homeless

Colin Kaepernick, who infamously provoked controversy by taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial profiling, spent his 32nd birthday this year feeding the homeless.

TMZ reports that the former NFL quarterback and activist brought out a food truck for people sleeping rough on the streets of Oakland over the weekend.

In association with his foundation, Know Your Rights Camp, Kaepernick was filmed handing out backpacks filled with snacks, socks, air quality masks, shampoo, and other critical supplies to residents of Tent City - a local shantytown for people without a permanent domicile.

This isn't the first time that Kaepernick has taken the opportunity to be altruistic on his birthday. In 2016, he hosted the first Know Your Rights Camp event, where he took the opportunity to educate people of color on issues of social injustice.

Watch Kaepernick feed the homeless in the video below:

Kaepernick told the assembled crowd of African-American and Latin-American youngsters: "We’re going to give you knowledge on policing history, what the systems of policing in America were based on, and we’re also going to teach you skills to make sure you always make it home safely."

Colin Kaepernick's agent Adam Schefter has recently released a statement claiming that the former quarterback has still been unable to find employment as a result of the controversy generated by his protest over police brutality and the treatment of minorities in America three years ago.

Watch the historic moment Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem:

According to a report by Sports Illustrated, Schefter's document stated: "I have reached out to all 32 [NFL] teams about Colin's employment, with little to no response from teams about an opportunity for Colin. In 25 years, I have never seen anything like it."

He continued: "Not a single team has brought Colin in for a workout. Seattle brought Colin in for a visit but did not work him out. Afterward, Pete Carroll said Colin is a 'starter in this league.'"

He added: "No other NFL team has interviewed or worked out Colin in the past three seasons, despite other false statements in the media to the contrary."

Kaepernick even claims he's been denied work for 889 days in this recent Twitter video:

However, Kaepernick does boast a number of high-profile celebrity supporters. For instance, Rihanna recently revealed that she turned down the opportunity to perform at the SuperBowl to protest Kaepernick's treatment by the NFL.