Conor McGregor teases Floyd Mayweather rematch on Twitter

Conor McGregor teases Floyd Mayweather rematch on Twitter

It's been over five months since the now-infamous UFC 229, in which the real fight was upstaged by a chaotic scuffle inside and outside the octagon. Conor McGregor was decisively beaten by his opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov, despite the months of trash talk he and his team had spread.

It's part and parcel for McGregor, who utilises his insults, jibes and self-promotion as a sort of superpower - and he's got the money to back it up. The Irish fighter's coach, John Kavanagh, said as much in an interview with Joe Rogan in October, where he spoke about Conor's penchant for messing with his opponents:

"Conor's a divider. Some people love it and some people hate it. I'm not really interested in people's opinions, I'm more interested in what is, and what is is that sells fights. There's a reason he's the highest paid guy. That's natural for him to do too, it's not an act."

"It's just part of the game for him, he enjoys it, it's a bit of fun."

It's not like he's let up since his fight with Khabib, either. Within minutes of thanking the Nevada Athletic Commission for dealing with him fairly after his temporary ban from the sport, he still hyped up the fact he got the "final blow of the night" during the post-match brawl.

He's still talking about that fight, months later - but there's even older fights that he still hasn't had the final word on.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. isn't a stranger to hyping himself up or mocking his opponents, so there was a lot of talk before the boxer took on McGregor for their insanely lucrative fight in 2017. But Conor still has something to say about it.

It all started when Twitter user 'mmaballer13' posted a gif from the Mayweather fight, depicting a slow-motion look at some of McGregor's best hits of the night. "That fight was completely Conor's fight through 8.5 rounds," they wrote. "Dang. So close. Rematch anyone?"

That's when Conor, no stranger to weighing in on his fights on social media, jumped into the fray. Retweeting the post, he added:

"I spoiled it with the rush right hook here. The angle was made. He was in the dirt. I just had to set correctly into my feet and fire. Rushing the right hook I lost balance on my back hand. Great boxing fight! A rematch will be interesting no doubt."

Of course, the thing that piqued most UFC fans' interest was that last comment, in which McGregor made it sound like a rematch may actually be on the way.

He's said in the past that a rematch would be on his turf in the octagon, where he would undoubtedly have a great advantage, but it's unclear whether Mayweather will opt for another boxing match instead. Or, maybe he'll end up taking on Khabib again instead.