Jared Goff brilliantly shoots his shot after Halle Berry asks why the Rams named an audible after her

Jared Goff brilliantly shoots his shot after Halle Berry asks why the Rams named an audible after her

For those of you that don't actively watch American Football, you might be wondering what exactly an 'audible' is, or why they often make little sense to anyone outside of the team giving out those orders.

Basically, when a team's offence is ready to run a play, but gets a look at the other team and decides to change what it's going to do last minute, they can call an audible at the line of scrimmage. This verbal instruction will slightly change the planned attack, or completely scrap it for something else entirely.

It's the quarterback that calls the audible, but every member of the offense needs to be in on it. In fact the only players not in on the audible play are the defenders, so they've got to figure out the last-minute play if there are some changes. Every team will have its only language for these plays, which can then be used to quickly and succinctly communicate to one another the new altered plan.

Keeping the audibles a little obscure is often a good shout, seeing as they don't want the opposing team to be able to understand what they have planned. Which gives you a great opportunity to do something a little silly, once you start playing around with the names you can use for an audible.

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams caused a stir with one of their audibles. But it wasn't just an odd word that caught the viewers' attention - but a celebrity name that was used. During the Rams-Seahawks game, quarterback Jared Goff could be heard yelling "Halle Berry" several times during the line of scrimmage as they changed plays.

Everyone was curious as to why he used this specific name, including the actress herself, who had to ask "what is a "Halle Berry"??" once she spotted the video online.

However, what had everyone in fits wasn't the audible, but Goff's response afterwards. Replying to the actress on Twitter, he couldn't help but throw a line her way.

Obviously, both his teammates and fans on Twitter loved the interaction.

This isn't the first time the team has made us laugh with their audibles - as it turns out they've tried out some unique words in the past. In one viral video, we could see a compilation of Goff using various other celebrity names, including 'Elvis,' 'Obama,' 'Tupac,' 'Dusty,' and my personal favourite: 'Ric Flair'.

It looks like Goffs' and the Rams' audibles are putting everybody else to shame. Why not make the sport even better by throwing out some more unusual names out there? Couldn't hurt, and we'd all get some laughs too!

Although, it can't be too funny, otherwise the players will be a little too distracted by what's being said rather than the play itself...