KSI and Logan Paul reveal future plans after LA rematch

KSI and Logan Paul reveal future plans after LA rematch

Witnessed by a global audience of millions on Saturday night at Staples Center, LA, KSI vs Logan Paul 2 surpassed the expectations of many.

A fight of great technical skill and ringcraft it was not. Entertaining, dramatic and controversial? You bet your life it was.

KSI won the bout by way of split decision on the judges' scorecards, as Logan Paul was deducted two points by the referee for striking KSI when the latter was already on his way to the canvas.

Watch Logan Paul floor an opponent with a huge right hand in sparring:

It was a surreal night in Los Angeles - punctured by appearances from Justin Bieber, who was there to support Logan Paul, and Rick Ross, who provided the soundtrack for KSI's entrance. Yet perhaps the spectacle won the minds of a few of the many boxing hardcore fans who poured scorn over the very notion of the bout in the build up.

KSI - real name Olajide William Olatunji - was the deserved winner. He displayed markedly improved footwork from the first bout and threw numerous - sometimes wild - right hands at his opponent, which kept Paul watchful. It unfolded largely thus until Logan Paul broke KSI's guard, landing an upercut followed by another blow which was judged to have broken KSI's fall.

Paul was docked two points for the indiscretion, and KSI was given time to recover by the referee.

The frantic pace of the fight continued practically until the final bell, when the Brit was announced the winner on two of the three judges' scorecards, 57-54, 56-55, 55-56.

KSI was a popular champion for the people of LA despite being the away fighter.

But when both men were asked in the post-fight media scrum if they'd be game to run it back for a trilogy, they had very different views on the subject.

KSI told reporters,

"It's done. "I'm on to the next thing."

Meanwhile, Logan Paul - who also said he would appeal the decision to dock him two points - said;

"I'd love to fight KSI again - these are the best moments of my life. The more I practise the more I feel comfortable."

And Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, who staged the fight in the face of wave after wave of criticism from hardcore boxing fans, seemed delighted with his first foray into the world of YouTube boxing. He said;

"That fight was everything that is great about boxing.

"There has to be a narrative and a respect for the sport and these two have that.

"If there are any other men or women who want to get into the ring - and they respect the code - then this can happen again."

Hearn had revealed in interviews leading up to the showdown that he'd received calls from some of the biggest names in the planet offering to fight the winner. Where these two YouTube megastars go next, though, remains to be seen.