People cannot get over Tiger Woods' 10-year-old son's golf swing

People cannot get over Tiger Woods' 10-year-old son's golf swing

People often say that talent is hereditary, and indeed, there are lots of celebrities out there who are just as talented as their famous parents. Just think of Kirk and Michael Douglas for example, or Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

But when it comes to athletes, the children of our best sportsmen and sportswomen don't always inherit their parent's aptitude for their game of choice ...unless you just so happen to be Charlie Woods, the son of renowned golfer Tiger Woods that is.

A video has gone viral on social media this week, which shows little Charlie Woods out of the golf course, before proceeding to take a powerful swing that surely made his old man proud.

Check out the video of Charlie's amazing golf swing below: 

The video was first shared on social media by golfing fan and sports journalist Dylan Dethier, who captioned the short clip: "Somehow we’ve never seen Charlie Woods swing a golf club until now and MY GOD [sic]"

And people on Twitter were quick to praise the young golfer, with many billing Charlie as a future star:

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In a recent interview Dana Jacobson for CBS: This Morning, Tiger opened up about the importance of his family and how he has striven to be a good father to them.

Woods stated: "Daddy has won golf tournaments, and he's not the YouTube guy. He's not the YouTube golfer. You know, that they — that they've seen the highlights. They see highlights of that guy. You know, I'm not that guy. I can still do it."

He added: "I am just Dad. That's all they know. They associated golf with pain. And, you know, that was ... one of the tougher things. [They're] both excited I'm playing again. But also, 'You okay, Dad?' You know, that kinda thing ... they remember those times when Dad couldn't get off the couch."