This is the excruciating moment a WWE wrestler's knee 'exploded' in the ring

This is the excruciating moment a WWE wrestler's knee 'exploded' in the ring

For a lot of sport aficionados, WWE wrestling isn't considered to be entirely legitimate - and it's not all that difficult to see why. Most of the time, matches are carefully coordinated and rehearsed, and any dangerous-looking moves are usually practised beforehand in order to prevent the wrestlers getting hurt.

It's basically like a huge competition for stunt people to show off their skills at not getting injured while doing cool-looking fight scenes.

Even so, there's always a chance for things to go wrong.

In a tournament that aired earlier this week, 23-year-old Welsh WWE star, Tegan Nox, was forced to leave the ring after a hard fall caused her knee to "explode".

In a post on Twitter, Nox - whose real name is Steffanie Newell - recounted the moment she was made to admit defeat:

"On last night's episode of the Mae Young Classic, during my match with Rhea Ripley, I suffered a injury to my left leg very early on. As soon as it happened, I knew it was serious.

"I tried to carry on as far as I could but a few minutes later after trying to push through the pain and finish the match, it all got too much and the match was stopped.

"Being greeted backstage by the distraught faces of my friends and coaches was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever experienced and it hurt more than the injury itself."

But Nox wasn't being dramatic when she said that the injury was "serious". In fact, that might have been an understatement.

"After being checked over by Doc, I was taken to the local hospital where I was diagnosed with numerous injuries to the left leg which included: dislocated knee cap, torn MCL & LCL, I completely tore my ACL, and both meniscus, bone contusions, and I had a Segond Fracture on my left tibia... basically my knee exploded and I made a huge mess!!"

Because the match was actually filmed a couple of months back, Nox is now far enough along in her recovery to know the full extent of her injuries - and her knee is looking (sort of) better now, too.

tegan nox knee Credit: Twitter/Tegan Nox

After a couple of surgeries on her knee, Nox was able to start moving about again - but it'll be a while before she's back in the ring.

"We're already almost two months into rehab and it's going amazingly," she said. "We're right on track and smashing goals already!"

The wrestler continued:

"It's going to be a long road to recovery, but it's already started and I plan on making my return special! There's going to be some changes but they'll all be for the best.

"As Triple H said, "This is just a bump in the road." This isn't the end, trust me."

She also noted that the above picture was taken not long after she'd had some operations on her injured leg; now she just has a "badass scar" instead.

Say what you want about wrestlers not being real sportspeople - that injury looks pretty real to me!