Tyson Fury appearing to lick blood off Deontay Wilder is the internet's new favorite meme

Tyson Fury appearing to lick blood off Deontay Wilder is the internet's new favorite meme

Tyson 'The Gypsy King' Fury put on one of the most dominant displays of his remarkable career last night to dethrone Deontay Wilder and become heavyweight champion of the world once more.

Many thought that all the talk from the Fury camp of seeking to knockout his opponent was a smokescreen that would act as a deception for his more typical hit-and-move style that proved so effective in the first bout.

Yet, to his immense credit, Fury was as good as his word, marching forward relentlessly throughout the bout towards arguably the most fearsome puncher in the history of the sport.

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It was Fury, not Wilder, who was landing the telling shots though. He dropped his American opponent with a beautiful one-two in the third round, and then again in the fifth with a jab/body shot combination that sent Wilder sprawling to the canvas.

In truth, Wilder was never himself again after the first knockdown of the bout, and with a cut opening up on his ear, Fury was relentless in his pressure and aggression.

There was moment of the fight that has immediately garnered meme status, though, and it was the sight of Fury appearing to mime licking blood from Deontay Wilder as the pair held in a clinch.

Tyson Fury told broadcaster BT Sport in a post-fight interview:

"I told everybody with a pair of ears that the Gypsy King would return to the throne. My last fight everybody wrote me off. I was underweight and over-trained. I'm a destroyer. Not bad for someone with pillow fists.

"I'm a man of my word. I told Wilder, his team, the world. We trained for a knockout; we wasn't tapping around in that gym.

"I talk like this because I can back it up. People write me off, they look at my fat belly and bald head and think I can't fight. He fought the best Tyson Fury, we're both in our primes.

"I expect him to ask for the third fight. I know he's a warrior and I'll be waiting."

Fans will also be clamouring for a collosal heavyweight showdown between Tyson Fury and fellow British heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua, in what would surely be one of the biggest fights of all time.