WWE star Paige opens up about mental health after sex tape leak

WWE star Paige opens up about mental health after sex tape leak

Former WWE wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis, aka Paige, has recently opened up about her mental health struggles after her sex tape leaked. As a result of the tape being made public, Paige claims that she suffered from serious depression and anxiety, and has been seeking therapy as a result.

Speaking to Fox News in a recent interview, Bevis claimed that it was hard for her to stay positive throughout the ordeal and that she felt publicly humiliated as a result of the unwanted exposure.

Paige stated: "I did suffer a lot. I did. Just emotionally because at the time I was having my neck surgery too, and I had stress-induced anorexia I lost all my hair. I had some really horrible thoughts. I had to go to therapy. It took me a while to get over because obviously, no woman wants to go through that."

However, she also added that she has tried to turn the experience into something that her abusers cannot control, by sharing her story with other people. She recently told a group of children about what it felt like to be publicly shamed when she was visiting a women's hostel.

Paige said she told them: "I'm just like: 'Hey, like never do something when it comes to your phones.' Because like this is a different world nowadays. So now I get to use it and utilise it on a different platform and help others with it."

Sadly, Paige isn't the only celebrity to have their private information leaked. Recently, former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne was left traumatised after her nudes leaked to the internet.

Furthermore, she was then embroiled in yet more controversy, when actress Whoopi Goldberg criticised her decision to take nude pictures while appearing on American talk show The View - comments which Throne was then forced to respond to.