The best and worst dressed celebrities at the 2019 VMAs

The best and worst dressed celebrities at the 2019 VMAs

The VMAs is one of the most hotly anticipated events in the music world's calendar, and every year people tune in to see the who's who of the music world scoop up coveted prizes like Best Single and Best Music Video.

However, that's only part of the appeal, and more often than not, us Average Joes get more pleasure watching what our favorite celebs are wearing on the red carpet. While some outfits dazzle, others do not, and it's the fails that we love to see. With all the money in the world, it's hard to believe that some celebs step onto the red carpet in certain fashion fails!

Speaking of fails, this is the incredible moment John Travolta mistook a drag queen for Taylor Swift:

So, in honor of last night's ceremony, we've compiled a list of the best and worst dressed...

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wore a bedazzled colorful jacket to this year's VMAs, paired with thigh-high boots. Needless to say, this wasn't just any jacket, but Versace.

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This is a reflection of the 80s inspired outfits the country singing sensation has been wearing to promote her new album Lover, and in our opinion, it's a fashion win. You go, Tay Tay.


Meanwhile, Lizzo stepped onto an outfit that was giving us a mixture of the 60s and "I just killed my husband" vibes, wearing a red Jessica Rabbit-esque dress paired with a feather boa.

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This dress with the word "Siren" printed on it was made by designer Moschino, and while it's definitely a look, we think she pulls it off. Although, admittedly, unlike Taylor's outfit, it's one that could only really work at the VMAs.

Heidi Klum

This isn't a bad outfit per se, but we wouldn't call it memorable - for good or bad reasons. I mean sure, it shows off Klum's enviable assets but apart from that, it's not doing much for us.

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This playsuit is by Nedo, but compared to the other outfits on this list, it's a just a bit underwhelming.

Camila Cabello

For some, their art is the great love of their lives, which is why events like Award Ceremonies can feel like weddings in their own right, something Camila Cabello took quite literally with this bridal look.

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This is a gorgeous gown and it certainly does nothing to quell the rumors of a potential romance between Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Their duet did, after all, get tongues wagging the world over.

Keke Palmer

This canary-colored gown ensured that all eyes were on Keke Palmer as she did her thing on the red carpet and that accessory she's holding to her ear made it something else.

Credit: Getty

Yes, it's a phone - and no, we've no idea if it was simply a handbag shaped like one or an actual working device (maybe from the late 90s) and she was hitting up her friends from the red carpet.

Gigi And Bella Hadid

They might have made their names on the Victoria's Secret runway, which is currently at risk of no longer being televised, but last night these two proved they don't need the lingerie brand to be a hit on the red carpet.

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Bella Hadid is dressed in Charlotte Knowles and Gigi, Tom Ford. We love the matching nude colors the sisters chose, although we have to admit - Bella's look is slightly better than Gigi's.

2 Chainz

What I love about 2 Chainz jacket is that it looks like the kind of pattern you'd expect a grandma to knit, but in that cut and on his back, it somehow manages to look badass.

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It's just a shame that his shoes appear to be zebra print. We think it would have been a real look if they'd had the same pattern as the jacket, but I suppose you can't get everything right!


Monica really did look like the Queen of Quirky at the 2019 VMAs. It takes wearing an eyecatching pattern to a different level and that beret really is the perfect accessory.

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This dress is by designer Libertine, and if we were a betting munch, we imagine other designers will be rushing to make recreations ASAP.


Admittedly, this is one of those looks that definitely won't be for everyone. With her leather bra, corset and underwear, Halsey could easily be an extra in Moulin Rouge.

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But we think she pulls it off. After all, life would be so much less interesting if people didn't make bold fashion choices, and she's certainly got the body for it.


This is a yee haw look if I ever saw one, and the only way I can imagine it came about would be when a designer and a cowboy somehow collided.

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There's a lot going on when you take a closer look at it too. At the bottom of the trousers, there are markings that look like atoms, and then there are the frogs and lightning bolts. Whatever floats your boat, we guess! But it ain't for us.

Megan Thee Stallion

Leather's one item that's always been associated with badasses - from tattooists to bikers, and if this outfit's anything to go by Megan Thee Stallion's in the running for 2019's hottest biker chick.

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Basically, this is the slightly more intimidating version of Taylor Swift's outfit and we are here for it. The detail in those boots is off the scale.

Lindsey Vonn and P.K. Subban

By now you've probably worked out that thigh-high boots are very much in this year, and unfortunately, compared to the pairs we've already seen, Lindsey Vonn's are a bit underwhelming.

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That being said her raven like sleeves are pretty awesome, and everything about P.K. Subban's outfit is a winner, especially his shoes. Gold buckles for the win.

Alison Brie

This outfit was described as the "Most Overeager" look by Cosmo and we have to agree. There's really not much to it other than giving Alison Brie a chance to show off her body.

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But hey! Maybe she thought the VMAs was the perfect time to show off a sexy Maleficent look. You do you, girl. P.S. Loving the thin-strapped shoes.

Ava Max

Sometimes when you achieve great things in life, you can feel like a superhero in your own right, and clearly, this was something Ava Max wanted to channel with her look at this year's VMAs.

Credit: Getty

Sometimes, you just have to dress like a superhero. And it's safe to say that Ava Max nailed it. After all, we can't judge all outfits by the same standards and as far as the cosplay department is concerned, this is a winner.

Lenny Kravitz

When you find a style that suits you, it's tempting to stick with it forever, and this is something Lenny Kravitz has done. It's a safe bet that he'll always turn up in double denim with a gold something around his neck.

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His outfit went down a storm on social media too with user @KirstenValk tweeting: "Did Lenny Kravitz make a deal with the devil?...he looks amazing..."

J Balvin

The fashion world often takes inspiration from the world of books and movies, and you'd be a liar if you didn't say J Balvin's outfit didn't remind you of a certain Austin Powers' character...

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One Twitter user went as far as to compare J Balvin to Austin Powers' Dr. Evil. "Ok so we gonna just act like @JBALVIN doesn’t look like Dr. Evil," tweeted @mireyvmvkeup.

Veronica Vega

This is definitely an eye-catching look, but viewers of the VMAs pointed out that Veronica Vega's money dress had been done before and therefore was a fashion fail.

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"The money dress was done last year," Twitter user @starbsprincess wrote. "Where is the originality?! Even rainbow hair is boring to me now!"

Bad Bunny

This outfit makes absolutely no sense. What's with the mask? The glasses? But hey, when you're an artist, you can pretty much make your own fashion rules up - even if they make you look bizarre.

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It turns out that Bad Bunny's outfit did attract fans on social media though. "Dare I say it? The men are giving me the feels this red carpet," tweeted@TrevellAnderson, adding, "He coulda found some black shoes though."

What did you think of the fashion at this year's VMAs?