Tim McGraw shows off incredible body transformation

Tim McGraw shows off incredible body transformation

Country music star Tim McGraw has shown off his incredible body transformation in an inspirational Instagram post.

Best known for hit songs including 'It's Your Love' and 'Highway Don't Care', the 52-year-old, who has been open about his battle with his weight, is now in the best shape of his life.

In the video below, Bobbi Billard shares her fitness journey: 

"My whole life, I've lived according to one key value. I guess I've done so from an early age, when I wanted so fiercely to get beyond my circumstances," McGraw wrote on Sunday. "That value is, Be ready. Be primed for opportunity when it shows up, because it will come once, it will move on quick, and if you're not ready to make the shot, your whole destiny can change in a heartbeat."

"Miss that moment, and you'll live the rest of your life wondering just how much of your potential never played out," McGraw said, concluding with the hashtag "#GritandGrace.

McGraw has been open about his strict diet for a number of years now, and as per The New York Times, his "grueling workout". In an interview with the news outlet in 2015, the singer revealed that he tours with a portable gym made up of free weights, 20-pound chains, and other equipment.

But while that shows commitment in and of itself, perhaps most eye-poppingly, he said he starts his workouts by running up hills with 40-pound weights strapped to his ankles.

The 52-year-old doesn't just credit his impressive physique to exercise. Diet also plays an important role too, and he has a strict diet for three or four days a week, Fox News reports, starting his days with oatmeal with berries for breakfast, a protein shake for a midmorning snack and tuna with avocado for lunch. This is completed with grilled chicken breast with a vegetable and polenta for dinner.

If you've been inspired by his commitment to living well, you can learn even more about how McGraw has done it in a tell-all book, Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life, which is being released on November 5.