10 of the most sizzling festival looks to keep you looking fresh this summer

10 of the most sizzling festival looks to keep you looking fresh this summer

Summer is well and truly upon us now, and that can only mean one thing: IT'S FESTIVAL TIME. Whether it's Lollapalooza or Boomtown you're into, there are literally thousands of outdoor gigs and festivals to choose from - but picking where you want to go is only half the battle.

The other half, of course, is deciding what to take with you. You're only going to have limited space for your food, your camping gear, and your hipster polaroid camera (don't deny it, you know you have one) - and, of course, you need to bring along your finest outfits.

But what should you wear to an event like this? Festival chic tends to be its own sort of style, and getting it spot-on can be tricky sometimes. Luckily, there's plenty of inspiration out there to choose from. Just take a look at these 10 examples of the best gig get-ups:

1. The 'oh, this old thing?' look

Festivals are your excuse to look as extra as humanly possible.

2. The 'I took a bath in glitter' look

If you don't come home with a million sparkly flecks of dust in your hair, did you even go to a festival?

3. The 'I was born for this' look

Wear one of these sassy suits from OppoSuits, and you'll basically be seen as some sort of festival god. Available in untold colours and patterns, you can't go wrong with these guys. Don't worry about getting too hot either, because they have summer style suits with shorts and short sleeves to cool you down. Oh yeah, and the crowning glory? If you're worried about losing your friend in the festival crowds, then this could be the answer to your prayers.

4. The 'barely there' look 

Because who says you can't look hot and cool at the same time?

5. The 'fur coats are good for all seasons' look

There's at least one at every gig.

6. The 'coordination is key' look

Dressing to impress is a group effort.

7. The 'do I have something on my face?' look

When in doubt, add a few paint splotches.

8. The 'every colour is better than one' look

Nothing says "I belong here" quite like a rainbow headband at an outdoor gig.

9. The 'flower crowns are sooooo 2017' look

Don't limit yourself to putting flowers on top of your head - put them all over.

10. The 'I'm just here to have a good time' look

Anything is a festival outfit if you make it work.

So, if you've got some festival plans for the summer, why not treat yourself to a new outfit for the big occasion? If you still have money left over after buying the ticket, that is!