10 People reveal the worst text they accidentally sent to the wrong person

10 People reveal the worst text they accidentally sent to the wrong person

We've all had that moment where we've sent a message to the wrong person. It's a horrifying experience, which sees your stomach drop and you double check the contact name in the conversation. Most of the time, it's a lot of worry over nothing and you've got it right the first time, but it can get pretty awkward when you have sent it to the wrong person.

But however bad you think you've had it in the past, these Redditors have far worse experiences they've shared with the world:

1. An unfortunate mix-up

"I was sexting my SO and wrote out very explicitly what I would do to him when he walked through the door. The message sent and I didn’t see until I got a reply that it was to a male friend of mine.

"He was such a bro about it though. Replied with 'I’m going to assume this message was actually for your bf and delete this'. -OmNomNational

2. Not their best moment

"Sent the mom of the child I was babysitting a text stating that I would rather jump out of their window than continue to watch their kid for the rest of their night. Yeah, not my proudest moment." - Smores-n-violence

3. Oh my god...

"A joke meme about a husband doing housework because it turns his wife on, I accidentally sent it to a friend’s sister who had lost her husband suddenly a couple months before." - Sheldwyn

4. How do you explain this one?

"My sister asked for a picture of the engagement ring I was buying for my fiance. Guess who I actually sent that one to." -Give_me_Youre_Gold

5. So cringe

"When I was like 16, wrote to a friend on skype that I liked this girl… except in my haste I didn’t see that I wrote it to her…..

"I backed out and was like 'hahaha, yeah I did that on purpose to freak you out'"

"I still cringe." - deleted

6. I feel bad for laughing

"Texting with my girlfriend. We’re discussing a friendly wager on an NCAA tourney game. She names her stakes and asks, 'and if you win, what do you want?'

"'Anal,' I send (half) jokingly…to a buddy who just asked, 'what did you and the kids do last weekend?'" - weshric

7. At least it's a conversation starter

"A pic of an obese squirrel that lived on campus, it was meant for my best friend but it was sent to a guy I was about to go on a date with" - joanholloway_

8. Not the dad joke she expected

"I was once trying to send my 14-year-old daughter a text via Siri and it wouldn’t recognize her name every time I said “Text (daughter)” so I started cursing Siri out and somehow ended up texting my daughter “you f**king b***h”.

"She was waiting to be picked up from dance class." - rustyshackleford8

9. That's karma for you

"My friend cheated on her boyfriend and was trying to make it seem like it only happened one time, so she texted the other boy … 'If (boyfriend) asks, we only had sex once' and sent it to her boyfriend …" - telanderb

10. Missing the old place

"'Miss you' Accidentally sent to my old landlord. The best part was he text back saying 'come back if you like'" - Dearearth

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