10 Tattoos with hilariously embarrassing spelling mistakes

10 Tattoos with hilariously embarrassing spelling mistakes

We're all human here and we're all allowed to make our fair share of mistakes. But, the thing is, with most mistakes you can learn from them and eventually move on with your head held high. But when it comes to tattoos, if you make a foolish blunder, you have to live with it forever (or, you know, until you get enough money together to correct the error or get it removed).

That's exactly why it's so important to get your markings spell-checked before you head down to the tattoo studio. Sure, it may sound geeky to those of you out there who were more popular than me in school, but in the end, you'll thank me for this piece of life advice. If you still don't believe me, check out our list of 10 tattoos with hilariously embarrassing spelling mistakes. Trust me, by the time you see these, you'll be down on your knees begging me to spell-check your future inkings.

1. Well, this is hartbreaking

2. I think someone has had a little too much

3. I don't think dad will quite be so proud now

4. I hope this person believes that imperfection is truly beauty

5. This is what Bieber Fever does to you

6. Let the past teach you how to spell "decisions" though

7. I bet you have some big "regerts" now

8. Why would you ever say "goobye" anyway?

9. This person had a mighty good number one

10. I thought familey came first?

Despite what this article may suggest, not all tattoos are bad. In fact, some inkings are simply heartwarming. For example, take this big brother who got a tattoo of his little brother who has Down Syndrome, and then showed his sibling in an adorable video.