5 Eligible princes you can still marry now that Prince Harry is officially taken

5 Eligible princes you can still marry now that Prince Harry is officially taken

As you may have heard by now, Prince Harry got hitched this weekend to former actress Meghan Markle.

Millions of people across the globe tuned in to watch the proceedings, and billions more spent the following days gushing about how beautiful the bride looked, or how wonderful the ceremony was, or (if you're British) how lucky the couple were to have their wedding fall on a sunny weekend.

However, not everyone was thrilled by the news that Britain's most eligible bachelor was finally off the market for good - leading many people to latch on to the prince's cousin, Louis Spencer, as an immediate royal rebound.

But fear not, thirsty fans, for there are several other single guys around the world who are still in a position to make you a princess. You'd just better hope that you are their type...

1. Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah

The 23-year-old is next in line to the throne in Jordan, and has proven himself to be a pretty chill guy on Instagram. And yes, he's the one on the left.

2. Prince Mateen

26-year-old Prince Mateen is the Sultan of Brunei's fourth son. Though he probably won't ever be sultan, he does live a super lavish lifestyle, and has proven himself to be an athletic champion too.

3. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

At age 35, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai is a little older than some of the other eligible bachelors - but his eclectic taste in hobbies (falconry, cave diving, and poetry, to name a few) certainly seem to make him appealing to his 5.9 million Insta followers.

4. Prince Jean Christophe Napoléon Bonaparte

So, the French monarchy might not be a thing anymore, but Prince Jean Christophe Napoléon Bonaparte is still recognized as a member of the Imperial House due to his lineage (no prizes for guessing who he's descended from). Unlike the others, Prince Jean actually holds down a regular job, too - so he's a great compromise for those who aren't totally set on the conventional princess life.

5. Prince Joachim

If you like a prince in uniform, this is the guy for you. Prince Joachim is the nephew of the Belgian king and, while he most likely will not ever sit on the throne, he is making waves in the navy (pun slightly intended).

So, folks, if you're still hung up on the fact that Harry definitely won't be walking you down the aisle anytime soon - maybe hit up these guys on social media. Just don't go comparing them to your fave British royal...