Here are all the ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke royal tradition on their wedding day

Here are all the ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke royal tradition on their wedding day

While the royal family are frequently spotted out in public at some event or fundraiser, with the usual handshakes and waving to the crowds gathered there, weddings are quite different. People from all over the world tune in to watch the televised event, in what is the most elaborate and expensive way to tie the knot.

However, while you may have had your fill watching Will and Kate get married, there were many reasons why the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was unique. In fact, there were a number of ways in which they broke royal tradition on their wedding day.

1. Holding hands

Meghan and Harry were already holding hands as they arrived on royal engagements, which isn't the norm, but this physical interaction was happening throughout the ceremony too, against traditional protocol.

2. The bride wasn't escorted by her father

It wasn't a deliberate move by any means, but this change in tradition came due to some problems on Meghan's side of the family recently. Thomas Markle was set to walk his daughter down the aisle, but unfortunately suffered from a heart attack and had to undergo surgery three days before the wedding. Instead, she was accompanied by Prince Charles.

3. Bridesmaids were from both sides of the family

In the past, every bridesmaid and pageboy came from the royal side, but this time it was evenly split - with three of the six bridesmaids and two of the four pageboys from Meghan's side.

4. The cake was different

Usually, the royal wedding cake is multi-tiered fruit cakes encased in marzipan, as well as a crust of white icing. This time, they went with a lemon and elderflower cake covered with buttercream and fresh flowers, apparently to capture the "bright flavours" of Spring".

5. The bride is divorced

This wouldn't have gone down too well in the past, but now it's seen as perfectly fine for Meghan to join the family despite having divorced in the past.

6. The groom and bride slept in separate hotels before

Usually, royal couples spend the night before the wedding at royal residences. However, this time Harry stayed at luxury hotels Coworth Park and Meghan stayed at Cliveden House.

7. There was no balcony kiss

It has long been a tradition for royal couples to take to the balcony at Buckingham Palace, with Charles and Diana being the first to kiss in front of the crowds in 1981. Because Meghan and Harry weren't getting married at the palace, they instead had to have their kiss in Windsor.

While anyone watching is clearly there for all the long-standing traditions that makes such an event possible, it is good to see some minor changes as the years pass. After all, this is a new era we're entering in, and even royal ceremonies shouldn't stay frozen in time.