7 Celebs who love fast food as much as you do

7 Celebs who love fast food as much as you do

We all have to give into our fast food vices from time to time, and it turns out celebrities do too. Not even the stars can resist a good McDonald's or Taco Bell binge every now and then, despite the unforgiving lens of scrutiny they fall under if the world feels they don't look good - sometimes, all it takes is a few chicken nuggets to go from "wow" to "how?" That doesn't stop these celebrities. Check out seven celebs who love fast food as much as you do and don't care who knows it.

1. Chrissy Teigen

The model shared a photo of herself barefoot in a Del Taco following her husband John Legend‘s rosé wine launch party in LA “2 chicken soft tacos, extra del scorcho,” she wrote on Instagram.

2. David and Cruz Beckham

When McDonald's was offering various sizes of their iconic Big Mac, the retired footballer and his youngest son had no choice but to try them all. Haven’t you heard of the Goldilocks principle?

3. Irina Shayk

The model and girlfriend of Bradley Cooper is always stopping by an In 'n' Out during her time in LA.

4. Lili Reinhart

The Riverdale star isn’t shy about her love for Domino’s, often posting about it while watching the hit show. “Brb ordering Dominos now,” she tweeted with a gif of one of the show’s characters holding a stack of pizza boxes.

5. Lea Michele

The Glee star doesn’t eat fast food often, but sometimes you just need a burger. The actress showed off noshing on In-N-Out (a time-honored celebrity awards show tradition) with celebrity stylist Brad Goreski.

6. Mindy Kaling

The Mindy Project star is not shy about her McDonald’s obsession, which she believes stems from her overly-healthy upbringing. When wrapping up her TV show The Mindy Project, she got Shamrock Shakes for all the staff.

7. Rihanna

The Barbados native had a “taste of home” with some chicken nuggets at the island’s regional fast food chain, Chefette. Sharing nuggets with Rihanna just became a life goal.

Most celebrities understand that one fast food order won't make you fat, the same way one salad won't give you a superhero's body. If you're looking to lose some weight, consistency is the key, but a few tacos won't hurt. If not, enjoy the fact that a celeb loves In 'n' Out just as much as you do.