Here's the best of the fast food chain reactions to IHOP changing its name to 'IHOb'

Here's the best of the fast food chain reactions to IHOP changing its name to 'IHOb'

Hey everyone, did you hear? IHOP recently decided to change their name to "IHOb" (which we later found out meant "International House of Burgers"), and people were extremely unhappy at the new name, this writer included. With seemingly every fast food joint under the sun nailing their colours boldly to the burger mast, the International House of Pancakes was a welcome break from all the beef-related monotony. Here we are, though.

Not only are the food-loving public dismayed at the change in name, fast food chains around the world are raising their collective eyebrows, and responding to the newly-christened IHOb with a fair amount of snark. I mean, if you were in charge of a food chain's Twitter account, wouldn't you? Here are the best tweets from food chains around the world about IHOP's (sorry, IHOb's) change in name.

1. Wendy's 

First up: a fast food brand who are far from amateurs when it comes to online savagery. Having spent a lot of their time savaging McDonald's and its frozen beef offerings, Wendy's turned their attention to IHOb and their new burger offerings.

2. A&W Restaurants

Some of the more lateral thinkers among you will have noticed that the lowercase letter 'b' is pretty similar to a capital 'P' if it was flipped on its head. A&W Restaurants saw this... and decided to run with it.

3. Red Robin

Deciding to take advantage of the chain, Red Robin declared their dedication to pancakes in a sarcastically similar fashion.

4. Waffle House

One of the great food debates of the modern age is the choice between waffles and pancakes, in the battle for egg-based sweet breakfast supremacy. Personally, I'm more of a pancakes kind of guy, but Waffle House will be hoping that with IHOb's new branding, they can slowly take over that particular turf.

5. Burger King

Not to be left out in this whole pancakes-burgers debacle, Burger King decided to change their name in solidarity with the International House of Burgers (gosh, even typing that feels wrong). If by "solidarity", you mean "cleverly flipping the script on IHOb to mock the inherent ridiculousness of the idea".

At this point, you'll notice that two of the big guns - McDonald's and KFC - have so far kept their counsel on IHOb's bizarre decision, but the way that social media is going nowadays, you wouldn't rule out a snarky response from two of fast food's biggest giants. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what KFC will come up with.