8 totally creepy behaviours that society has accepted as normal

8 totally creepy behaviours that society has accepted as normal

How you ever thought about how we define what is normal and what is weird? There are tons of things that humans do which are most definitely bizarre, yet somehow acceptable. Take kissing, for example. Who stood up one day and decided that, instead of touching elbows, or high-fiving, we should touch our lips to another person's for a while, and that would be romantic? Or what about clapping? How did slapping our two hands together become a sign of utmost approval and who on earth started it all off?

But let's forget odd physical displays of feeling, and take ourselves into the 21st century. Still in 2018, there are a countless number of things that humans do that we all accept as normal, but when you stand back and look at them, they're really not okay at all. To be honest, after reading this list, you might not even want to be a human anymore...

1. Some things should remain private

"Posting every second of your child's life on social media. Maybe they don't want their potty training experience documented and viewable for all time?"

Credit: Reddit/LemmeTasteDatWine

2. Now you come to mention it, a lot of things should remain private

"Filming everyone. Jesus, I don't care if it's perceived social justice, a prank, someone dancing during a concert, something funny, our government, something sexy, a celebrity in a market, a social experiment: give people some privacy."

Credit: Reddit/koproller

3. "The entire garter ritual at weddings. WTF?"

"I went to a wedding a couple of years ago and it's just so weird. They made an announcement to pay attention to the newlywed, we all bring our attention to them, she's sitting in a chair and he just shoves his head up her dress to pull a garter off with his teeth to then throw it into the crowd. WTF?"

Credit: Reddit/theocelotbabou

4. Are the birds watching us?

"Location Sevices on apps. Why does Angry Birds need to know where I live?"

Credit: Reddit/Deleted account

5. When you put it like that...

"Embalming bodies. Taking out the blood, and sealing up the body cavities to make the skin keep long enough for everyone to gawk at."

Credit: Reddit/shirleyyujest

6. "Are we going to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet any time soon?"

"Everyone asking young couples when they are gonna start having unprotected sex so they can have a baby."

Credit: Reddit/Winter_kills

7. This has always been weird and will never stop being weird

"The gap in between the wall and door on most American public restroom stalls."

Credit: Reddit/wormpetrichor

8. Get off social media people

"Just saw someone's kid in the hospital on Facebook. He was in a sling and a hospital gown. He looked miserable, exhausted and embarrassed. Your kid's privacy is more important than your shitty need for pity."

Credit: Reddit/psycho-logical

It's not over -there's much more where that came from! Speaking of weird things that humans do, did you know that people are now throwing themselves out of moving cars for the internet’s latest viral challenge?