Airplane passenger left outraged after being served a turkey sandwich with a ham label

Airplane passenger left outraged after being served a turkey sandwich with a ham label

Airplanes, while taking us to awesome destinations can be a little tedious but that doesn't mean you can be a dick about the unpleasant time you're having. This comes after a furious plane passenger was filmed as he branded a flight attendant a ‘stupid f*cking b*tch’ after being served a turkey roll with ham label.

A middle-aged man from Hampstead Heath, north London, was flying from Luton airport to Skopje, Macedonia, on a Wizz Air flight Sunday morning when he ordered the £3.90 ($5.16) roll and a bottle of water.

The Hampstead Heath man called over a Wizz Air flight attendant and went on a furious rant – and demanding a refund, after becoming convinced the product contained pork - explaining that he cannot eat it due to his religion.

The passenger heard saying: "I work in restaurants, I know what ham is. Ham is pork. It’s not tasting like turkey, it’s tasting like ham. This is not right, you should tell people there is pork, I’m a Muslim. It’s pork, darling. What the f*ck is your problem stupid f*cking b*tch. She told me it’s not appropriate to touch my teeth."

He added, "You have given me ham, and you’re talking to me rude. I just tell you it’s ham, you tell me it’s not pork. It’s not nice, darling, you’re supposed to be nice to the customers. Take the water, too. I don’t want the water either. You are being very, very rude."

In the confusion, people tried to explain turkey ham and not ham. Turkey Ham is, in fact, ready-to-eat processed meat made from cooked or cured turkey meat - and doesn’t contain any pork. Eating pork would go against his practice but there was no intent to threaten or harm, just some misleading labelling.

Even when a senior male steward appeared and tried to calm the situation by explaining that turkey ham was, in fact, a term used to describe the processed meat, the irate passenger continued his outburst.

The cabin crew eventually refunded the man €4.50 (£3.94/$5.19) for the sandwich and €2 (£1.7/$2.24) for the bottle of the water, which he kept. The bizarre scene was captured by a passenger sitting in the aisle seat next to the man. They described it as "quite surreal".

The person who filmed it all added "He was getting increasingly angry. I was a bit concerned when his voice was raised and he was swearing. He was sure that this roll contained pork. He said he couldn’t eat pork because of his religion. I suspect it was just a bad-tasting processed sandwich rather than a ham sandwich with pork inside. Nobody could convince him otherwise."

A Wizz Air spokesperson said in a statement: "We have looked into this issue and can confirm that the sandwich served to the passenger did not contain pork or any product derived from pork."I imagine he waited a while for his things in baggage reclaim.