Aldi customers caught 'fighting' over new Kevin the Carrot toys

Aldi customers caught 'fighting' over new Kevin the Carrot toys

Many Aldi customers woke up this morning in delight; as toys and merchandise of the store's popular mascot Kevin the Carrot (and friends) went on sale just in time for Christmas.

However, there wasn't much Christmas cheer in the aisle of Aldi this morning, as many of Kevin's biggest fans were caught on camera getting physical with one another over the new plush toys.

Things were getting heated in this branch of Aldi:

Per the Mirror, one the doors of the budget supermarket had opened there were reports of pushing and shoving to get to the front of the line. Some customers have even taken to Twitter to share claims of seeing customers fighting over the must-have toy.

Dan Youngman Tweeted : "This is not a drill, there are people in Aldi’s fighting over Kevin the carrot toys!"

The Mirror also reported that there were lines as long as 50 people outside of some stores, as customers competed to be first through the doors for the toys.

Twitter user Michelle revealed how she had seen people "pushing and shoving" after queueing from the early hours of this morning. She said: "Well that was an experience, adults pushing and shoving for plush toys. I got a sprout and tomato though, after queuing since 6.30am".

With Black Friday coming, will we be seeing more scenes like this?

Another Twitter user revealed: "I just saw a woman clutching a 3ft long stuffed carrot leaving Aldi and thought it can't be true. Then inside there were a dozen people fighting over more of them. The world has gone mad."

One happy customer did tell the Mirror that her store thankfull was not manic, saying: "I just got back from my local Aldi store, nothing but Christmas cheer, friendly banter and lovely people.

"People were smiling, happy and even passing toys back to those who couldn’t reach."

Due to the high demand, Aldi has limited purchases of the toys to two a customer.