Aldi's wine advent calendar back in stores this week

Aldi's wine advent calendar back in stores this week

In case you were still somehow unaware of this undeniable truth: Aldi is going hard this festive season.

Just last week we brought you information on their magical-looking Harry Potter advent calendar, which I'm personally going to be completely devastated by if no-one buys it for me.

In fact, if no-one does end up buying it for me, I'm just going to have to go right ahead and buy it for myself, because frankly I could do with all the joy and happiness I can get in the winter months.

Check out Sophie Turner chug a glass of red wine on the jumbotron at MSG:

The description for the Potter-themed Christmas countdown reads;

"You're never too old for an advent calendar, so why not treat the Harry Potter fans (young and old!) in your life for the run up to Christmas this year. They'll love waking up each day and discovering what is hidden for them in the unique rotating box. From exclusive plush toys, to one of a kind charms, there's something inside for every Harry Potter fan, making it the perfect gift for any Wizarding World fan. Whatsmore, it's completely reusable each year!"

Why. Not. Treat. Them. Indeed...

Credit: Aldi

If Harry Potter isn't really your scene (how dare you?), then perhaps I can pique your interest with news of another tantalising advent calendar.

I'm talking, of course, about Aldi's very own wine advent calendar, which first made its way stateside last year to much fanfare and adoration.

So let's break this down into the salient points, since I can almost sense your excitement already. It's called the Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar. It's chock full of 24 mini bottles of red, white rosé and sparkling wines, and it costs $69.99, which I'm sure you'll concur is not at all bad for two dozen miniature bottles of wine.

Now, here's the really important bit. Per Aldi's Instagram account, the calendar goes on sale on November 6 - otherwise known as this Wednesday!

Back in October, Aldi wrote on Instagram;

"Let the countdown begin! On 11/6, ALDI advent calendars return and are better than ever! 🗓️ 🎉 Whether you’re shopping for the wine lover, the cheese enthusiast, the beer devotee, or the chocolate connoisseur, we’ve got unique advent calendars that’ll get anyone in the holiday spirit! 🍷 Visit our website for all the details and be sure to follow along to our Instagram story tonight for a sneak peek! 👀"

Well, now the week has finally rolled around. Let the advent calendar fun commence!