Applebees is selling 50-cent Long Island Iced Teas all October in selected stores

Applebees is selling 50-cent Long Island Iced Teas all October in selected stores

If you love cocktails, you've doubtless had the thought at one point or another that they're not exactly kind to your bank balance.

While a humble beer might set you back more than you'd like, a fancy cocktail at an upmarket location can easily end up feeling like a purchase of such extravagance that it's hard to justify more than once in a while.

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Of course, that's because there's a skill to making a truly good cocktail, rather than just me in my kitchen hurling a heady mix of spirits and different concentrated juices into a blender and hoping for the best. Sure, every now and then you might happen upon a tasty, albeit incredibly strong and intoxicating mix of flavours, but for the most part it's safer to leave it to the experts.

While summer is now well and truly behind us, leaving with it an endless trail of long forgotten pool floats and broken loungers, that's no reason to wave farewell to the cocktail, a true all-season phenomenon due to the vast array of options open to you.

And now, if you're looking to enjoy a drink as Halloween approaches, Applebees are making the whole thing a lot more affordable, if you're lucky enough to be within reach of their Austin, Dallas, Houston, Waco, and East Texas branches.

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That's right, the restaurant will be offering their popular Long Island Iced Tea for just 50 cents at those locations. The drink, a blend of vodka, rum, tequila, sweet and sour mix and cola will be available at the deal price all day through Halloween.

Says President of SSCP Management, parent of Applebee's Texas, Chris Dharod;

“Of course, everything is bigger in Texas, and we’re offering our guests the biggest deal on one of our most popular drinks, the Long Island Iced Tea, for only 50 cents”.