Bachelorette party guest sets incredibly strict rules for Vegas in crazy email

Bachelorette party guest sets incredibly strict rules for Vegas in crazy email

When I say 'Las Vegas bachelorette party' what do you think of?

There are certainly a few things that come to mind: drinking, dancing, strippers, penis shot glasses, willy straws, penis pinata, pin-the-junk-on-the-hunk games, penis everything else.

Things that certainly don't come to mind include a 7.15am church trip and a lack of hard liquor. However, this was seemingly one woman's ideal hen do!

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People online were left in stitches when Imgur user UrsulaIMeanVanessa posted screenshots of an email one party-pooper had sent an entire bachelorette party before a six-day trip to Las Vegas.

The woman in question apparently went to university with the bride and several of the other girls attending, but was originally not invited to the week away because they were "never really friends" and she was known as a bit (a lot) of a Debbie Downer.

The plan to go without her didn't exactly work though; the woman - known by the pseudonym 'Taylor' - apparently contacted the bride and bagged herself an invite, and soon enough was sending out a list of insane rules that all 17 people apparently had to abide by.

"I know Vegas is known as 'sin city,'" Taylor writes. "But despite this, I still have to uphold the moral code our Father inscribed in my heart. Due to this, I have some ground rules that I'd like everyone to follow. These will not only help me remain aligned with the Church, but also keep us all out of trouble."

Rule number one is a mandatory early morning trip to church for the entire hen party - whether they like it or not.

"Sunday, the 12th, I have found an appropriate church and contacted the Pastor there explaining that we're from out of town, but we'd still like to attend services," she says. "Sunday @ 7.15am, we'll be Ubering to the church. I can't wait to share God with all of you. I think it'll be a nice way to cleanse us of our sins from that week."

Number two? No hard liquor because Taylor doesn't want people falling from the balcony. In addition, she reminds partygoers that it is her first event "of age" and she would not like to be tempted by "foul drinks," this including rum, tequila and vodka.


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Thirdly, there will be no sex taking place in the women's hotel rooms or anywhere near the suite. "As none of us have committed ourselves to husbands yet, there's no need to have premarital sex," Taylor writes, before asking people not to invite "random men back" as rule four, as she does not want to be robbed.

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Next up is the $50 she wants from every person to purchase groceries for the hotel room and save them all from being "famished". And to wrap her rulebook up, she tells the girls "absolutely under no circumstances - no drugs".

"Half of you currently work in positions that require you to have security clearances and I do not want you to be tempted by these substances," she writes, before telling one girl who has ADHD to leave her prescribed Adderall at home.

Vegas rules Credit: UrsulaIMeanVanessa/Imgur

So guys - shall I call Taylor up now and tell her you all want to go on the bachelorette party too?