'Barking Dog Man' recreates his iconic growl nearly nine years later

'Barking Dog Man' recreates his iconic growl nearly nine years later

Most of you probably don't know the name 'Ray Graham', but many of you would have certainly heard his now-infamous dog bark.

Back in 2010, Channel 9's A Current Affair aired a seemingly standard news report on two unruly dogs causing mischief in a local neighborhood. In order to get a better insight into the story, the station interviewed several members of the community - and thankfully, one of those people was Ray Graham.

Calmly commenting on his encounter with the two dogs, Graham stunned viewers by erupting into a hilarious impression of a rabid dog, all whilst his wife, Kerry, stands by with a look on her face that screams, "Not again, Ray, please! Not on TV!"

To relive that iconic moment in all its snarling glory, check out the video below:

The footage quickly went viral and delighted millions of people around the world. But if you thought that was the last you were going to see from the 'Barking Dog Man' (as Ray very quickly became known), you'd be mistaken.

Nine years after the original report aired, A Current Affair decided to catch up with Ray and see how the clip has changed his life.

"I guess, in some ways, I've been defined by it," Ray told anchor Leila McKinnon. "We often get stopped in the shopping centers and places like that. And people always want a photo, and sometimes they want a video.

"Sometimes people are a little bit hesitant and might say, 'Ah, I know your face from somewhere', and then sometimes I just bark at them."

Ray then delighted viewers with yet another outburst of his incredibly accurate dog snarl:

Graham also said that the thing wife Kerry was most concerned about the day of the original news report was "her hair". But something tells me she was perhaps just humoring Ray.