Bizarre new bikini trend is taking Instagram by storm over the winter months

Bizarre new bikini trend is taking Instagram by storm over the winter months

It's winter time up here in the northern hemisphere, and - for many of us - a serious cold snap has set in. As well as the usual frosty mornings and bitterly cold evenings, a considerable amount of snow has been dumped on the ground, and it's making life just that tiny bit less enjoyable for a lot of us.

Rather than complain about it, though, a significant amount of Instagrammers have decided to embrace the snow... in their bikinis.

Yes, as crazy as it may seem, some women have been stripping down to their two-piece swimsuits in order to pose in sub-zero temperatures - and it looks kind of awesome.

The trend has been going on for years now, but was made popular recently when Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian decided to post some snaps of themselves wearing next to nothing in the snow.

"F**k it's cold," Kendall captioned hers.

"Copied Kendall," Kourtney said on her own shot.

"I’ve been taking variations of this photo for years, but Instagram makes it trendy now," said Breanna, one influencer who's posted several pictures with the hashtag #snowbikini. Here's one of hers below:

"We women are just sick of winter, and we get sick of wearing frumpy clothes and being covered from head-to-toe," Breanna explained. "It’s a way to reclaim the winter and have fun with it."

And a lot of these 'grammers certainly do seem to be enjoying themselves:

As cool as the resulting pictures might look, though, it's probably best that you don't go galavanting out in the snow in your underwear. After all, your followers might not enjoy your posts so much once you starting sharing pictures of your frostbitten toes!