Bride's 'tiny' engagement ring brutally mocked online

Bride's 'tiny' engagement ring brutally mocked online

When it comes to getting married, the most important thing is to find someone you truly love - someone you'll be happy spending the rest of your life with. However, not everybody sees it that way.

For a lot of people, getting married is mostly about all the materialistic things that come with it: the wedding venue, the dress, the cake, the honeymoon, and - of course - the engagement ring that starts off the whole process. And, seeing as this last thing is always on display, it's often the subject of criticism.

So, when one bride-to-be shared a picture of her minimalistic ring online, she might not have been entirely surprised when she was subjected to a wave of abuse.

tiny wedding band Credit: JSV Concepts/Etsy

According to The Sun, the anonymous woman shared a picture of her ring (shown above) with the caption, "My bf and I ordered my ring online and I am in LOVE with it!"

Now, if you ascribe to the view that an engagement ring is really more about what it represents rather than its inherent value, then this is obviously adorable! It's sweet, it's simple, and it shows that this woman cares more about getting married to her partner than it does about what the jewellery looks like.

Unfortunately, not everyone else saw it that way.

"Why even bother having a diamond there," one person commented.

"So take that keyring off your finger and show us the ring you ordered online," said another.

A third wrote: "It's so pitiful, I just can’t. It's too sad."

And the comments just kept getting more and more brutal:

"I have assembled my colleagues of world class physicists and astronomers, we are building new instrumentation so we can see your f****** ring."

"You've got a smidge of tinfoil on your band."

"I guess neither of you want anyone to know you’re engaged huh."

tiny wedding band Credit: JSV Concepts/Etsy

While the haters clearly made their opinions known, though, it's obvious that the bride-to-be doesn't care. She already said that she was involved in ordering the ring, so it was clearly partially her decision to get something cute and simple.

And, really, why should the ring matter? Surely it's much more important to be happy - unlike all these commenters, who clearly have nothing better to do with their time!