Burger King gave the best gift to this terminally ill dog who only has three months to live

Burger King gave the best gift to this terminally ill dog who only has three months to live

Companies these days are doing the most to get our attention and loyalty, and I think Burger King just won the social media game. All it took was to appeal to our undying love for man's best friend and I don't know about you but Burger King is now the only place I'm getting burgers.

Burger King has given a dog named Cody free burgers until he passes away, in order to make the rest of his life more enjoyable. Cody the Boxer-Labrador cross has a form of bone cancer. He’s been given between one and three months to live.

His family have recently started taking him to local burger joints for plain cheeseburgers as a way of giving him treats and making him take his medicine easily. Cody’s owner, 22-year-old Alec Karcher, said: "The vet told us to take him home until things worsened, and we decided we wanted to make the last stretch of his life as good as possible. For the last two months, we’ve been getting Cody daily cheeseburgers from either our own kitchen or some fast food restaurant (plain because the condiments aren’t very good for him)."

Alec continued: "It’s been a way for us to show our love and appreciation for him being such a good dog over the years, and it helps him take his medicine every night." On Sunday, family member Bill Campbell visited a Toledo, Ohio branch of Burger King to pick up Cody’s daily treat.

Talking to a worker on his daily trip, Alec explained the situation at home when she joked about his regular apperances. "She immediately went to talk to her manager, and after a few minutes she came back and told him that the burgers for Cody would be free at their location until he passed."

When Alec shared the story of Burger King’s offer to his terminally ill pet on Twitter, the burger chain replied with a thoughtful message, thanking Alec for allowing them to do something for Cody. He tweeted: "Thanks to @BurgerKing for showing so much love and kindness towards my family and our dog, Cody. It’s appreciated more than words can describe." Burger King replied: "the world needs more kindness and empathy. Thank you for giving us the chance to do this for Cody."

Alec said that the incident made him and his family feel "incredibly loved". "We never expected that to happen, and we are extremely appreciative of the kindness Burger King has shown us." Burger King’s actions have warmed hearts on Twitter, with people sharing their best wishes for Cody and for Alec’s family.

This story just goes to show that big corporations don’t have to be soulless monsters, because they are staffed on the ground level by people like the woman in the Toledo branch who wanted to give a terminally ill doggo a parting gift.