Burger King manager has the best response after video of napping employee goes viral

Burger King manager has the best response after video of napping employee goes viral

I don't know about you, but I think that everybody should work a job in retail at some point. It's not the most glamorous or lucrative of jobs, but it keeps you grounded, and allows you to pick up some underrated people skills, not least the ability to handle all kinds of people, and all the entitled insanity that working with customers brings.

It's hard work, folks. You'd think that taking orders and flipping burgers doesn't sound like too much work, but when you consider the number of fights and other crazy things constantly going down in restaurants, you'd be surprised. Not only that, but many people take these jobs on as a side hustle to help keep the lights on.

So when you come across a fast food employee asleep, you should always try to be sensitive to their specific plight, and employ all of your empathy in helping them get through the rest of the day. Don't - to think of a random example - take your phone out and make a recording, then upload that recording to Facebook. That's not a good look.

Funnily enough though, that exact thing happened earlier this week in Cheektowaga, New York, and the manager of this particular Burger King had to step in and defend his employee.

Angelo Butera is the man behind the camera on this occasion. He was next door with his roommate at the 7-Eleven when they came across the as-yet-unnamed employee, and speaking to the Cheektowaga Chronicle, he tried to explain that he was just concerned for her safety.

"I wasn’t trying to make fun out of her, I just drove by and seen this girl lying face down on the concrete, so I was making sure she was okay, and the video happened," he said, but the way that he compassionately said "this b*tch crazy as f*ck" might throw that particular theory into doubt.

Either way, Butera's video has been shared over 4,000 times since Sunday, and a manager's been forced to explain what actually was going on in this video. Also wishing not to be named, the manager stood by her employee, and told all of her critics on social media exactly where to go.

"We don’t have outside seating, so she was sitting on the sidewalk trying to take her break which she is allowed to do under the Labor Law,” the manager said.  “Social media is completely blown out of proportion, and people take pictures of stupid things just for their own likes."

"She’s a teacher, and she’s trying to pay off her student loans and everything by working several jobs, and this is not the media she needs.… People need to mind their own business and find out the real story before they go posting crap on social media."

The manager also revealed that the employee in question is working extra jobs to help pay bills, and is pretty upset that she's unwittingly going viral. Well, folks, there you go - this is a case of someone online posting a video to Facebook, and everyone immediately jumping to conclusions and trying to publicly shame someone just trying to get by.

I'm sure that next time, everyone'll have learned their lesson, and take the time to find out all of the information before they start forming opinions on social media. I bet they're doing it right now for this article!