Bus driver responds perfectly after passenger disgustingly spits at him

Bus driver responds perfectly after passenger disgustingly spits at him

While it's easy to hate on bus drivers for being miserable, it's also easy to see why their work can get to them. Every day, bus drivers have to deal with people from all walks of life and, as anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry will tell you, people are annoying.

Whether it's rude passengers, people trying to swindle a free ride, or simply annoying school kids - bus drivers have to deal with a lot.

So, when a man got into an argument with a bus driver and chose to spit at him, the driver finally snapped.

First things first, however, I must make it clear that spitting on someone is the lowest of the low. No matter what the situation, there is no need to spit on someone, so this guy had it coming to him.

It's not known what the cause of the argument was, but once the man had spat in the direction of the driver, he walked away proudly. But, what he didn't expect, is that the bus driver would be shortly following him.

Grabbing the man by the back of his hoodie, the bus driver pulls the man onto the floor before promptly dragging him off the bus and out into the street. Check it out below.

While it's rare to see bus drivers leave their cabin and get physical with a passenger, you would have to say that this particular driver actually managed to keep his temper relatively in-check, seeing as most people would lash out if someone spat at them in the street.

So if there's one lesson to take home with you today, it's to not spit at people (although, I'm hoping you already knew that). Also, don't mess with bus drivers.