Can you figure out who the 'dumbest' person is in this viral logic test?

Can you figure out who the 'dumbest' person is in this viral logic test?

In any given situation, one thing I've learned in my short life is that one thing can take on several forms, depending on how you look at it. Seeing the way people look at the same thing with their own interpretation of what they're seeing is like a Rorschach test without all those confusing ink blots, right?

Right. So, let's take a look at this viral photo, and see to what degree you're a crazy psychopath. Ha. Just kidding:

Viral photo

It's really easy, folks: which one of these fine gentlemen stuck up a tree is the 'dumbest', so to speak? Don't forget to think about the consequences of each situation we've got here, as well as your own definition of the word 'dumb'. You've all got your own thought processes, but generally, most people will identify with one number over the other.

So, let's say, you picked number one: the guy watching as the guy in front of him saws his lofty perch. If you think that guy is the 'dumbest', you're probably someone who believes in scientific progress. You'll be a believer in survival of the fittest, and the art of questioning old ideas with reason and logic.

In your mind, the guy at number one is sitting idly by as he's about to fall off the tree, and while the guy at number four is sawing off his own branch, his own facial expression implies that he's feeling pretty down about the whole thing.

Viral picture

Okay, now let's say you're more of a number three guy; the guy who's willingly throwing two people to their death while he clings onto the trunk for dear life. Some of you will be convinced this guy is the smartest, but in the context of justice and punishment, who'd get the biggest sentence out of the four guys?

If you think about it that way, number three is the dumbest, because he's the one who'll get punished the worst for his actions, and people who picked that out are big believers in tried-and-tested moral and civil institutions.

You're more a fan of tradition, shying away from newfound scientific ideas, believing that they've not stood the test of time yet and thus deserve a more cautious eye for the time-being.

Viral picture

Interesting, right? If you chose one or three but don't identify with the explanations, then why? If you chose number two or number four, please let us know in the comments. I'm super curious.