Chicago Town is looking for a bride to get married in a pizza dress

Chicago Town is looking for a bride to get married in a pizza dress

I am currently engaged to get married. After 10 years of knowing my fiancée, I can honestly look her in the eyes and say that there is nothing on this planet that I love more than her. However, when she looks me in the eye, I kinda get the feeling there's nothing on this planet she loves more than me... except pizza.

I don't know what it is about that combination of bread, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings that is just so darn wonderful, but something tells me if the love of my life took a glimpse at what Chicago Town is offering, she'd throw her white dress in the bin, and watch me cry as I pay for it.

Check out Lewis Capaldi's incredible Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza:

Because the deep dish pizza giants are now running a competition for soon-to-be-weds, where the winners will claim a pizza-themed wedding package.

That's right, you can take you fairytale weddings, your rustic country weddings, your big fat Greek weddings, and you four weddings and a funeral - because this really is the one and only wedding theme that matters.

Along with a bouquet of doughballs and a six-tier pizza cake to cut into a share with loved ones, the main event of the wedding will be the delectable (and delicious) pizza wedding dress. Complete with a long cheese-pull train (just like your tradition bridal gowns), the dress is decorated with succulent pepperoni slices and a thick crust trim - what else would you expect from a Chicago Town pizza?

And to top it all off, the lucky couple will also bag a honeymoon to Chicago - home of the deep dish!

Love pizza? Check out this incredible recipe:

Per The Sun, Rachel Bradshaw, of Chicago Town, said: "Weddings are the ultimate celebration of love, but it seems our obsession with food trumps everything else. Our research has revealed that 65% of Brits would be more excited about attending a wedding if they knew pizza was on the menu."

A spokesman for Chicago Town said: "The unique pizza wedding dress is loosely modeled on Rihanna’s iconic 2018 Met Gala dress - and the package is available for one lucky bride-to-be due to get married this year."

If you believe your big day should be centered around pizza, you can enter the competition here.

And finally, why not enjoy just one more mouthwatering pizza recipe: