Company looking to pay someone $10,000 just to poop

Company looking to pay someone $10,000 just to poop

Bidet company Tushy is looking to pay someone $10,000 just for pooping, it has been reported.

Sure it's an unusual job, but someone has to do it and if you like the sound of getting paid thousands of dollars to literally sit on your butt, then this news might just make your day.

Yes, the VP for Fecal Matters - a genuine job title - will assist Tushy for a three-month period, working part-time for roughly 30-60 minutes per day (depending on how often you poop).

One study made a disturbing discovery about the presence of poop in swimming pools:

The job description on Tushy's website reads;

"Yes, this is for real!

"TUSHY is looking for our first VP of Fecal Matters to ASSist in the day to day op-poo-rations of our #Bidet2020 campaign. With guidance from our Chief Pooping Officer, Dr. Mark Hyman, our new VP of Fecal Matters will be testing and studying their own pooping habits and documenting it via TUSHY’s social media. This will be a three-month, fart-time, $10,000 contract role requiring about 30-60 minutes per day (depending on how many times you poop!) to poop and document your experience."

And the desired qualifications for the job role - which seem to be based entirely around readily available puns - read;

  • "A real pooping human with 21-121 years of pooping experience
  • Pungent poop-related communication skills
  • Possess incredible precision-spraying skills
  • Strong poo-ject management and skills
  • Solid… or loose knowledge of the Bristol Stool Chart
  • Ability to prioritize in complex, fast-paced, *or constipated* environments
  • Embraces an “open-door policy” when discussing what happens in the bathroom
  • Ability to install the TUSHY bidet on a standard toilet"

You'll be required to make a minimum 90-day commitment to the the job role as you analyze your daily pooping habits, test Tushy products against other bathroom brands, produce video content for social media and more.

To apply for the unusual position, you must simply fill out an application form on the website and submit a 60-90 second video why you are the perfect fit for the job. Good luck!