Deaf baby giggles with joy as parents turn on hearing aids for the first time

Deaf baby giggles with joy as parents turn on hearing aids for the first time

A four-month-old baby girl has gone viral after her parents shared a clip of her reaction to hearing their voices for the very first time. Baby Georgina can be seen smiling and giggling to herself when her new hearing aids are switched on in a clip that has since been seen around the world. 

Georgina’s 32-year-old father, Paul Addison, accompanied the clip on Twitter with the caption, "When our daughter's new hearing aids are turned on in the morning," prompting thousands of positive reactions from the internet.

Check out the heartwarming clip in the video below:

In an extensive interview with Sky News, Addison revealed that Georgina’s journey was a work in progress since she had been diagnosed as severely deaf in September. However, he went on to describe the second that the aids were turned on as a “lightbulb moment” that he felt he had to share with the world. 

Addison went on to reveal:

"When I found that she had hearing problems I just switched into practical mode and optimistic mode. I just had to find out what could be done about it. Thankfully the hearing aids were provided by the NHS."

Addison added that, although the aids have "improved (Georgina’s) hearing greatly," she will continue to require "more tests on her hearing in future." However, despite uncertainty over the future, there’s little doubt that the hearing aids have been a happy development for the Addisons.

Georgina has even made some TV appearances since warming the hearts of people around the world:

As Paul explained:

"When we turn her hearing aids on each morning it is absolutely delightful, really wonderful. She's more happy, more alert, and she can hear her mother's voice. I'm so just so happy that the clip has been enjoyed so many people across the world."

The original video has now been seen over 700,000 times since it was first posted on Thursday.

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