Delivery workers have been discovering free food on shoppers' doorsteps this Christmas

Delivery workers have been discovering free food on shoppers' doorsteps this Christmas

While the vast majority of us are huddling in front of the fire and sipping on some hot cocoa, it's often easy to forget that there's a section of the workforce that's working harder than ever over the holiday period.

We may tell our kids tales of Santa Claus and his reindeer delivering gifts through chimneys, but in reality, delivery workers have their work cut out bringing joy to so many houses. In the high-stakes and freezing, they really pull through, and I don't think they get enough credit.

UPS driver Credit: Getty

Luckily, there is a growing number of people willing to properly celebrate their delivery workers this year, and every once in a while, a delivery worker will find a special surprise on a customer's doorstep.

Just like we leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus as he continues on his midnight run, people have been leaving free food for delivery company workers this Christmas.


All over the country, people have been leaving snacks and messages of goodwill on their doorsteps, as delivery workers do their best work ahead of the holidays.

Laura Benamor, who was speaking with Business Insider, said she's found two gift baskets already while making the trips with her husband, who's an Amazon Flex delivery worker in Hartland, Michigan.

"We are working at a steady pace and often don't take time to stop for a break. So when we came upon those peanut-butter crackers and candy, it was a nice surprise."

Delivery worker snack pack Credit: Amy Soria

Meanwhile, Amy Soria, who also works with Amazon, says she's found another basket offering snacks, but this one also had a message attached to it as well. Even better, on Twitter, other baskets have been posted online, and people have shown their happiness that delivery workers receive such kindness. For example, this Twitter user:

"It's sad how shocked and touched I am at the kind gestures of strangers leaving snacks and drinks out for their delivery people. Humanity still exists, just hard to find, but when you do, appreciate it."

Delivery worker praise Credit: Twitter

"Anyone one else absolutely wearing their delivery drivers out this week?" remarks Twitter user @beverlysaid, highlighting just how much we depend on delivery workers over the Christmas period with the advent of Amazon, UPS and more.

"I know I am, so I’m trying to say thanks in a small way with some goodies in a basket on the porch. Snacks make everything better!" @beverlysaid continued, while @jensen_esser had a similar story about a lady in her neighbourhood:

"Today on my route a lady had a bowl of snacks & water with a note saying thank you to UPS, Fed Ex & Postal service employees for working long nights in the snow, so thoughtful and made my day."

Delivery worker praise Credit: Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a very eventful 2018, and amidst all of the drama and the stress of it all, it's easy to forget what's important, and it's sometimes difficult to appreciate your fellow man. These gift baskets for delivery workers are warming my heart in a way that only Christmas can.