Doctors are warning people not to put frozen potatoes in their anus

Doctors are warning people not to put frozen potatoes in their anus

Doctors have issued a warning against putting frozen potatoes in your anus.

This comes as an increasing number of hemorrhoid sufferers have reportedly taken to the internet to seek alternative solutions to their problem instead of consulting doctors.

Now, it has emerged that an altogether unusual solution is being touted online: that inserting frozen potatoes into your anus for 30 minutes is the answer.

In the video below, a doctor gives advice to a person who has had piles for five years: 

Per Wales Online, one article claims: "Here's what you need to do: Peel a raw potato and cut into thin slices, like you do it for French fries.

"Put the slices into the freezer and wait until they are frozen.

"Insert the frozen potato slice in your anus and leave it inside for 30 seconds. Repeat the process for three to five days. The next three to five days leave the slice inside for 30 seconds more each time."

Potatoes on the ground. Credit: Pixabay

The article continues: "The potatoes have astringent properties and help relieve the pain and itchy sensation which usually happens with this condition, while the ice-cold potato constricts the blood vessels, reduces the swelling and relieves your pain instantly."

But doctors have warned against this novel solution.

Per the Metro, Dr. Diana Gall, of leading online medical service Doctor-4-U, said: "Piles can be an irritating condition and sufferers are sometimes too embarrassed to seek professional helping, turning to old wives' tales instead."

A doctor. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The doctor continued: "There is no medical evidence that putting frozen potatoes inside the anus can help cure piles, so I would urge caution to anyone thinking of doing it.

"Piles often go away on their own after a few days, but there are some tried and trusted ways to keep them at bay.

"You should drink plenty of fluids and maintain a fiber-rich diet and try having regular warm baths to ease itching and pain.

"If home treatments do not banish your piles, it is advised to go to your doctor and explore alternative treatments."

However, frozen potatoes are not the only novel hemorrhoid treatment being circulated online. Some people have also praised the power of CBD oil in treating the condition.

Cannabis leaves. Credit: Pixabay

Per Wales online, Reddit user Barron50Cal and new mom wrote: "The CBD absorbed and actually reached the internal hemorrhoid."

"My inflammation began to decrease, as did my pain. I can almost recognize my bottom again."

But doctors have also warned against using CBD oil to treat hemorrhoids at home because there has not been enough research into its effectiveness as a treatment.

MD of popular UK brand CBD Armour, David Barcly, said per CBD Shops: "There have been reports of CBD being a very responsive anti-inflammatory."

"So one can understand why people would consider using it in this manner. It would be beneficial to have some official research into this.

"As for frozen potatoes, where on earth do people get these crazy ideas from?!"

Medical equipment. Credit: Pixabay

Guts UK! surveyed 800 people about their digestive health, per Kennedy News and Media, and discovered that half were unwilling to seek help for digestive problems like hemorrhoids for more than six months.

"Guts UK found that 58% of those we asked felt embarrassed about their digestive condition/symptoms.

"Research found that 51% of patients with digestive symptoms do not seek advice for more than six months.

"Treatment is usually initially about increasing intake of water and fiber to soften the stool but if these methods are unhelpful, a referral to a specialist may be required."