Donald Trump scowling with his arms folded is the internet's new favorite meme

Donald Trump scowling with his arms folded is the internet's new favorite meme

Donald Trump is brilliant. Seriously, he's great. What a fantastic guy.

I'm talking about him as a meme, of course. As a president, he's pretty much the human equivalent to an ingrown toenail: painful, prominent, and sorta gross. And, to extend that metaphor a little further, watching him try to govern the most powerful country on the planet is almost like someone repeatedly stubbing that wounded toe into a coffee table. No matter how much you try to ease the damage done, he just keeps making it worse.

But, politics aside for a moment, let's go back to him as a subject of parody and mockery - because the man is a goldmine.

I mean, just think back to what the past couple of years have gifted us. Trump shouts at a kid mowing the lawn? Meme. Trump ignores his wife? Meme. Trump tweets in such a tremendously childish way - the most tremendous, the most childish - that it's super easy to MAKE MOCKING HIM GREAT AGAIN? Meme.

And now there's a new meme on the block.

On Monday, during a talk with journalists about the late John McCain - a man whom Trump was notoriously not a fan of - the president pulled an expression which can only be described as "constipated".

With his arms crossed and his face fixed in an uncomfortable grimace, the former businessman looked like he wanted out of his meeting immediately. Rather than getting any such reprieve, however, he instead got well and truly meme'd by Twitter user and activist, Hend Amry.

In the first of many tweets, Amry shared the mugshot of Trump along with the caption, "When someone tells me I have to delete a viral tweet because it has a small inaccuracy in it."

And that was just the beginning. It started off political:

Then it got personal:

And then it just got downright funny:

And you know what else would work as an excellent caption to this image? "When someone writes an article about how ridiculous you look."