Drunk guy texts his friend from an Uber only to realise he'd made a huge mistake

Drunk guy texts his friend from an Uber only to realise he'd made a huge mistake

It's hard to believe now, but not too long ago, getting drunk in a city was something of a minefield. If you'd been out at the bar until the wee hours of the morning and your place wasn't within walking distance, you had options, of course, but none of them were really any good.

You could take an expensive taxi, a terrifying bus ride, or attempt to stumble home in the dark and the traffic, but thanks to Uber, the only thing I have to worry about after a night out is not waking up my roommates when I get home (something I nearly always fail at).

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An app on your phone which takes you home whenever you need it? It's a godsend, but somehow, there are drunk people out there who still manage to screw it up. I'm not one of those wild drunks like the guy I'm about to tell you about, but I'm sure you all know at least one. 

Twitter user Femi Factor shared his particular story on the internet, and it's hilarious as it is confusing - how does anybody get this drunk?! At some point during a nice hangout with his friends, he got a text message from his friend, who left a bit early from the gathering.

"I left early. Sorry I couldn't stay longer," says the friend, and Femi asks where he's going, and you'd think he's possibly hurt, rejected or confused. "Are you kidding me come back", he protests, but the truth is a little weirder, and in my opinion, a lot more hilarious.

"Don't worry, I called an Uber," his friend reassures him, but Femi is still really confused, and understandably so. "We drank at your place," he explains, and his friend remembers this fact possibly a little too late. "Oh," the friend replies.

But that leaves a bigger question: where exactly is he going? "Get your driver on the phone," says Femi, probably with a huge sigh, and although we're not quite sure what happened after that, I'm sure it will be pretty hilarious. Twitter certainly seemed to think so.

The post from Femi Factor has nearly 60,000 likes, and 28,000 people saw fit to share it to their own followers, and wouldn't you? I've got at least three friends who this reminds me of, and I'm not the only one. Replying to the thread, other people shared similar stories of hilarious drunk text threads. I'm particularly interested to find out what happened in the second one:

Ah, drunk friends. Where would we be without them? Probably in a much better place in life, but as Femi found out earlier this week, they're always good for a little bit of fun, aren't they? As long as they're not hurting themselves, you'll always have these hilarious stories to come back to whenever they get a little bit too big for their boots.