Farmer claims to spot 'devil's face' emerging from Australia wildfires

Farmer claims to spot 'devil's face' emerging from Australia wildfires

A farmer claims to have spotted a "devil's face" emerging from the Australian wildfires.

The disturbing image was taken in Victoria's East Gippsland region by a farmer who had to spend a tiring 13 hours defending his property from a blaze that created fireballs that spat as far as 100 meters.

A state of emergency has now been declared by the Australian government: 

In an interview with Channel 7, he said: "It hit us like four or five times, the chopper pilots are heroes, they saved it (the property) …I'm very glad people did not get killed here.

"We had fireballs coming over, jumping. Some of them were 50 meters to 100 meters across.

"We've got a photo a friend took and I'm not into hooky pooky stuff but there was a big devil face in it [sic]."

A face seemingly emerging from the Australian bushfires. Credit: Channel 7

Calvert believes that the government is to blame for the severity of the bushfires and begged them to get behind the Australian people before the situation worsens even more.

"We knew it was going to be bad, we didn't know exactly how bad it was until it was on top of you," he told Channel 7. "People need help. Australia is scared. To (Morrison), please throw your gloves on, come on down here and see me."

An Australian farmer. Credit: Channel 7

He continued: "I've got an extensive network who can help with knowledge of the bush and how the environment actually runs. It doesn't run on paperwork.

"Step up and get behind us, don’t let anymore people die in the future. You're the man of the hour, everyone will fall behind you."

However, amid the tales of tragedy emerging from Australia, there is hope. Yesterday, Bindi Irwin revealed that Australia Zoo had helped save the lives of 90,000 animals.