Florida man delivers surprise left hook to female attorney during court appearance

Florida man delivers surprise left hook to female attorney during court appearance

That's right; "Florida Man" is back.

Footage from a Fort Lauderdale courtroom shows a Broward County attorney being left shaken by a sneak attack from one of the awaiting defendants on Wednesday 27.

William Green, 27, was arrested on Tuesday on a battery charge and can be seen waiting in the court for a first appearance hearing. However, whilst waiting his turn amongst a group of other defendants, Green inexplicably rises from his seat and delivers a left hook to attorney Julie Chase.

Check out the abhorrent ambush in the court footage below:

Chase, who was busy checking over the documents in her hands, never saw Green's left hook coming, and she is sent down to the ground and out of camera shot.

Many members of the courtroom can be seen looking visibly stunned immediately following the attack - some of them totally unaware the punch even occurred - as Green stands over Chase with his fists still clenched.

But it didn't take long before officers in the court tackle Green down the ground and handcuff him.

Judge Jackie Powell, who was presiding over the case, can be heard asking, "What happened?" and "Is Ms. Chase okay?", as the fallen Chase returns to her feet covering her ear with her hand.

Chase was later taken to Broward Health Medical Center for evaluation and later told Local 10 news, "I'm doing okay", following her release.

The incident was captured on camera due to the fact bond appearances are recorded and streamed live by local media outlets.

Unbelievably, this is not the first incident of its kind to occur. This is the dramatic moment a man knocks his lawyer out cold after receiving 47 years in prison for domestic abuse. Check that moment out below: