Florida man sees firefighter running towards angel in clouds on 9/11

Florida man sees firefighter running towards angel in clouds on 9/11

A man from Florida spotted a cloud formation resembling a firefighter running towards an angel on 9/11.

Matt Snow, a teacher in Oakleaf, Jacksonville, US, was driving to work on the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks when he saw the scene.

He took a photograph of the unusual sight and posted it on Facebook, where you can make out two images.

Snow captioned the photo, "Doesn’t it look a firefighter running with a hose and an angel with the sun perfectly behind it?."

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The man spoke to Fox News about the image, saying that he did a double-take after spotting the formation.

"I couldn’t believe what I just saw. My wife and I are both teachers and we drive that road every morning with our kids. Out of all days, today it looked like that," he told the publication.

"From instantly crying, to goosebumps, to having a community get-together talking about it. I hoped that a few of my friends would see it and be reminded that GOD is in control and He has a plan, no matter if we understand it or not," he continued.

"I never would have guessed it would go viral in our country nor across the globe. It just goes to show that we as individuals can have impacts on other people’s lives, even if it’s just a photo. Take the time everyday to find joy around you, then spread it. You never know who it will help."

Snow admitted that he might have been extrapolating as "today is 9/11", but other people corroborated that the formation resembled a firefighter.

"That is almost unbelievable. Thank you for sharing," wrote one social media user.

343 firefighters lost their lives in the attacks, and hundreds more have later died from illnesses related to the event.