Florida woman arrested after dousing her husband's eyes with hot sauce during an argument

Florida woman arrested after dousing her husband's eyes with hot sauce during an argument

As they say, all's fair in love and war, and when you're deep in the heat of battle, it's not unnatural to want to throw everything at your opponent, hoping to gain even the slightest advantage in your pursuit of victory. What I'm not trying to say, however, is that throwing hot sauce at anybody you're arguing with is a good idea at any given time.

That would be ill-advised. Don't do that. Just ask Esmerelda Lopez, who was taken into custody earlier this week after an argument with her husband led to the 41-year-old chucking some hot sauce in her partner's eyes.

On Monday morning, Esmerelda Lopez was arrested after an altercation with her husband, taken into custody on a charge of domestic battery. According to the affidavit from local law enforcement, Lopez and her husband Jose were arguing inside their Lacoochee home on Floyd Road, when things got particularly nasty.

According to the report, the couple began to fight outside of their home, when Lopez's husband refused to open the gate to let her inside. Eventually, he opened the door, but immediately went to the bedroom to avoid having the argument, reportedly lying down on the bed.

Lopez was incensed, and struck her husband, before throwing hot sauce in his eyes. "This was done against the victim’s will and without his consent," added investigators, and Jose called 911, needing a visit to the hospital in order to treat his injuries - the extent of which are still unknown.

Lopez reportedly fled the scene, and was only discovered on Monday, when she was promptly arrested. Lopez denied that she poured hot sauce in her husband's eyes, but could not explain why there was hot sauce all over the walls of their bedroom.

It's a lover's quarrel with a little extra spice, sure, but this is far from the first time that hot sauce has found its way into a dispute. After their server forgot their extra hot sauce, husband and wife Erik and Katyra Stratton, through their food through one of the drive-thru windows, before Erik stepped out of the car, and stepped inside to have a word with the staff. By that, I meant he started to hurl obscenities at those inside.

Soon enough, the police were called, with Erik and Katyra Stratton both being arrested for "causing a disturbance", with Katyra getting away with a mere citation for her involvement in the incident. Erik, on the other hand, got a bit more harder, being charged with disorderly conduct for his part in the incident.

You can't really argue with that, though.

All in all, whether you're mad about hot sauce or mad with some hot sauce nearby, it's generally not a great idea to incorporate food into your rage. It very rarely goes well, and as the Strattons and Esmerelda Lopez found out to their detriment, it can land you in a whole lot of trouble with the law.