Footage shows stranger attack guy in the gym because of the way he was deadlifting

Footage shows stranger attack guy in the gym because of the way he was deadlifting

Going to the gym can be pretty intimidating. Once you've psyched yourself up to put in the time and effort to get fit and strong, you've got to commit to working out in a public space surrounded by other people. If you've gone through this process, you would hope that it gets easier - and you wouldn't get any trouble during your routine.

Teenager Charles Laloaonde was deadlifting at a Buzz Fit gym in Montreal, Canada, when he was confronted by a particularly angry gymgoer. The man in question - who wasn't even an employee of the gym - repeatedly asked him to leave, all because he was making too much noise.

The video was uploaded by Charles' personal trainer Peter Rupish, after he received the footage of the argument. While the man's behaviour is aggressive enough in itself, as he insists Charles leaves the gym, it's the way he stops the teen from lifting that was shocking - and could have posed a greater danger if he was less fortunate.

You can see the full incident in the video below:

In the caption for his YouTube video, Rupish wrote:

"The backstory is that the staff at a Buzz Fit gym in Montreal, Quebec have given my client a hard time in past weeks about deadlifting too loudly in the gym.

"They said he still could, but he had to place mats underneath the plates. So he did as they asked. A random bystander, not a staff member, (wearing an Animal shirt of all things: my sponsor) took it upon himself to confront him after he deemed his deadlifts to be too loud."

Now, Charles is not only pressing charges against his assailant, but, according to Rupish, has been given a free year-long membership to the SSP Barbell Club. Additionally, the man who assaulted Charles has apparently been banned from that gym entirely.

How's that for karma?