Girlfriend left naked at beach after magician boyfriend buys her a dissolving bikini

Girlfriend left naked at beach after magician boyfriend buys her a dissolving bikini

An unsuspecting girlfriend has been left in a rather embarrassing predicament after her boyfriend swapped a regular bikini for one that dissolves in water.

I believe all good relationships are fuelled by trying to one-up your partner, and magician Julius Dein may have pulled off the greatest prank ever to be uploaded to social media.

Now, magicians are known for making things disappear, but I can't imagine that Julius' girlfriend, Estelle, would ever have thought he'd be able to leave her naked in the sea without her noticing.

Sharing the video to Facebook, Julius can be seen recording Estelle as the couple enjoyed a day at the beach. Estelle looked amazing in a bikini she had ordered off the internet... only, this wasn't that bikini.

Prior to heading to the beach, Julius has swapped her swimsuit for one that would dissolve in water, leaving his girlfriend completely starkers.

Check out the video below:

Behind the camera, Julius can be heard giggling to himself as he coaxes Estelle to go for a swim - telling her that he was recording an Instagram story.

As the waves started to cover her ankles, Julius' amusement can be heard growing with every step his girlfriend took.

Then, she was in.

Julius informed the viewers that it should take between 15 and 30 seconds for the swimsuit to dissolve. And, after a few shots of Estelle swimming around and waving gleefully to her boyfriend, it had done just that.

For another hilarious bikini fail, check out the moment the model gets photobombed in the best possible way:

The moment Estelle notices she's been left buck naked to particularly amusing, as her head darts side to side trying to find her misplaced swimsuit.

Estelle can then be heard shouting "Julius! My bikini," to which her cunning boyfriend asks: "What's up?"

She then says that she's "lost" it, and later suggests that somebody had "stolen" it.

As Julien comes to her rescue with a towel, Estelle still looks completely unaware that he was the one behind the trick. But I guess that's what happened when you date a magician.

Julien later uploaded the video to his Facebook page on Saturday, where he captioned it: "SHE THOUGHT IT GOT STOLEN". It has since been viewed over 23 million times... I can't imagine why.

Let's hope he came clean after and treated her to something nice - lord knows she deserves it!