Girl's Tinder match story is a reminder not to judge anyone too quickly

Girl's Tinder match story is a reminder not to judge anyone too quickly

It feels like it wasn't that long ago that Tinder was a niche hobby for some single people out there. I remember having to describe it to people in their twenties who hadn't heard of it at all. But now, just over five years after it was released onto the dating scene, it has completely revolutionized how we interact with one another.

Online dating was definitely a thing before apps got involved, but it was nowhere near as accessible or as accepted as it is now. Using the likes of or OK Cupid was something associated primarily with those who had tried their hand at dating for years and were now looking to cut the BS and find someone to settle down with for good.

Making it as easy as a swipe of the finger has changed how easy it is to get a date, but those benefits have come with a fair amount of negatives too. Whether it's your friends' experiences or the countless nightmare stories proliferating on the internet, it's clear that Tinder doesn't always bring out the best in humanity.

For a lot of women, there is an awareness that while you may land a good guy through the app, you've got to wade through an ocean of d**k pics and insulting comments before you get to a genuine conversation.

And even when you do find someone who will pay you a little respect, that doesn't mean they're going to be completely normal.

So it's fair to say that a lot of people have their guard up even when they're looking for a partner on the sight, but not all of them will come across someone quite like this guy, who surprised his Tinder match with some unconventional methods of socializing. In fact, he's got far more important things on his mind than hooking up.

A woman named Lyra tweeted some screenshots of their conversation on Twitter. She was obviously interested as they had matched based on their photos, but was a little taken aback when he asked her to "play". No, this isn't slang, he was actually looking to play a game. And unlike Lyra initially thought, it wasn't about football either.

When she did check out his bio, however, she found something a little unexpected.

This wasn't some guy running some flirting game - he just wanted someone to join him playing Words With Friends - and, let's not forget, it has to be the sequel.

Once she posted the tweet out, it went viral with over 3,000 likes as of the time of writing.

But it's not like the story ended there. One woman replied to the tweet to report she was actually playing the same guy on Words With Friends right at that moment.

And so did this woman, too.

While it looks like this guy was simply looking for some people to play a game with, it might actually work in the long run. After all, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that are looking for a partner to play Words With Friends.