Grandad's priceless reaction after discovering $57 watch he bought in 1968 has increased nearly 900 times in value

Grandad's priceless reaction after discovering $57 watch he bought in 1968 has increased nearly 900 times in value

Do you ever see a story online and just think: "Why do things like this never happen to me?!" Well, prepare yourself for yet another incredible story that'll have you rooting around your attic for any hidden treasures.

Back in 1968, Roger Cooper spent roughly a month's salary - £45 ($57 US) - on an Omega Speedmaster watch while he was serving in the Merchant Navy in Hong Kong. Fifty years later, the now-71-year-old retired grandfather decided to see just how much his watch was worth during his appearing on the long-running BBC show, The Antiques Roadshow.

The show's antiques expert explained how Cooper's watch was indeed created in 1968, and this particular model is known as the "Ultraman" and is identifiable by its red second hand. (Interestingly, that particular nickname came after the watch was featured in a Japanese TV superhero series called The Return of the Ultraman back in 1971.)

Explaining how it came into his possession, Cooper said: "I was in Hong Kong and became friendly with a guy who knew a wholesaler who I could get a good price on a nice watch from for my 21st birthday. I spent £35 on it, which considering my weekly wage was £10, was quite a lot, but I’m very glad I held on to it for all these years now.

"I wore it while sailing dinghies until about 1983 so it did get bashed about a bit. I decided then to switch it for a cheap Casio and tuck the Speedmaster away safely in a drawer."

Roger's incredible reaction to learning the true value of the watch 

That's right, due to the rarity of this particular model (many Ultramans were shipped to the Middle-East after production), the price of Roger's watch had jumped up a whopping 885 times in value!

Well, after learning its true value, Mr Cooper did what I'm sure we all would have done, and immediately took the watch to be sold in an auction. The grandfather, from Havant, England, eventually sold it for £31,000 ($39,800 US) with auction house Gardiner Houlgate.

There have been many incredible moments on all versions of the Antiques Roadshow, including the US. This is the moment a woman discovered her deceased grandmother's beloved 1892 painting is worth an absolute fortune!

Her reaction is incredible - and she'd never have known if she didn't find a mosquito in the frame:

I don't know about you, but I'm heading up to the attic as soon as I get home.